Rorke's Drift Diorama.

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On 22nd January 1879 an overwhelming force of Zulus destroyed six companies of the 24th Regiment and 600 other Colonial troops at the battle of Isandlwana. The following day, the Zulu reserve of 4500 men, who had taken no part in the fighting, came upon a British field hospital at Rorke's Drift.

The hospital contained sixty casualties, hospital staff and eighty one troops from B Company 11/24th, commanded by Lieutenants Chard and Bromhead.

In the face of remarkable bravery and stubborn courage from the British army, the Zulus finally gave up and moved away at about 4am, despite having initially outnumbered the British by nearly 40 to 1. ElevenV.C'c were awarded as a result of Rorke's drift- the highest number ever for a single action

W.Britain's celebrates some of these, with the action in the hospital and the ammunition suppliers.